We fix other people’s brand mistakes. Yours, theirs, Sir’s, whoever’s. It doesn’t really matter whose mistake, only that you need help to fix it.

Services are focused on Brand Strategy for B2B organisations:

Brand Positioning
Brand Messaging
Brand Narrative
Creative Platform®

Our consultative process has been refined over 30 years to help you communicate your brand more effectively with the people who really matter – your customers. We use conversation, investigation, comparison, workshops, psychology, art, philosophy, language and imagery.

Our output is words and pictures. That’s all you need. That’s all you ever needed but never understood why. We fix that.

We work with mid to large sized companies, often in the technology, financial or professional services spaces. They give us damaged, broken or unreservedly shit brands and we fix them.

Consultancy projects are led by Scot McKee, Strategic Advisor at Twisk. Prior to establishing Twisk in 2011, Scot was Managing Director of Birddog, the multi-award winning B2B marketing agency. In addition to remaining Brand Owner of Birddog, Scot is Non-Executive Director for other ambitious businesses and advises a Charitable Trust helping released prisoners achieve real freedom.