B2B Black Friday.

Not familiar with the ‘busiest shopping day of the year’? Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving.

A 24-hour Black Friday sales blitz nestling between Thanksgiving and Christmas in the US calendar of, ‘Other Reasons to Shop’.

Black Friday isn’t really part of the familiar B2B marketing plan in the UK, but it will be. Once a year, for 24 hours, we can shop like, eh, Americans – secure in the knowledge that every other American is shopping like an American too. It’s the very zenith of commercial imperialism.

No one said it would be pretty. Black Friday is all about the deal. Not, “I’ll think about it…”, or, “I’ll build it into next year’s marketing strategy…”, or, “I don’t have available budget…” Customers think they’re getting a good deal (and they usually are) but it’s actually the retailer who’s in control – “Buy right now (before someone else does) or we’ll put the price back up.” You don’t see that in B2B very often. The 24hrs is important. This isn’t an Oakfurnitureland strategy of 24, 36 or 48-hour sales every 24, 36 or 48 hours. No. It’s one day of strip the shelf bare, sell your grandmother’s underwear awesomeness. And it seems to work. American retailers routinely report record annual sales on Black Friday.

But do we really care about another barely concealed attempt to steal our Christmas money? Do we still care about a ‘deal’? As intelligent and, occasionally, sophisticated B2B human beings, do we care about an American imported ‘Black Friday’ bargain? Of course we do. Always. Where brands like Amazon, Asda, Boots, Vodafone and Lastminute lead, B2B will (eventually) follow.

So in the interest of pioneering one-upmanship and leading the field in all things B2B-toldyousoness, we have elected to start the ball rolling. Whether it works or not is irrelevant (although interesting…) the point is we’re claiming the B2B Black Friday scalp. Actually, we claimed it back in 2012, but that didn’t constitute an offer.

This time, we’re really going for it. It’s a proper #BlackFriday deal. And we’re not known for deals here. We’re known for messing with your heads. But someone has to step up – to innovate, to be creative, to be less than… ordinary. We just slap it down there. You want a Black Friday deal? Here’s it is:

Place a valid order this Friday 28th November for a Brand Strategy and if we accept the project, we’ll cut our usual price by 50%. This isn’t a, ‘We’ll get back to you…’ offer. You need to issue a Purchase Order today – not for projects or proposals that we’ve discussed previously, not for projects that we might talk about in the future. The whole point of Black Friday is to generate new deals – today. (That’s how Black Friday works you see…?)

Bitch and moan about costs the other 364 days of the year. Today’s the day you just have to put someone else’s money where my mouth is.

Let’s see how creative you really want to be. Tick tock…

Scot McKee