Brand on the Run Returns – Review.

In 2007 ‘Brand on the Run®’ was born. In those days of paper invites, BotR started life as a semi-formal networking event for clients and prospects.

B2B. Peer-to-peer. Face-to-face. Beer. Fancy peanuts and nibbly things on sticks. Guest lists, follow ups, speakers. As live events go, Brand on the Run® was relatively successful. Associations were made and renewed, business prospects schmoozed, everyone shared and learned.

At one Brand on the Run® event, LinkedIn presented a brief history of its past and offered a glimpse of the future, challenging itself to achieve membership of 50 million users. Oh how the interested but unenlightened audience laughed. Everyone stared towards a new digital dawn and wondered where the ‘change’ would take them.

So that was Brand on the Run® then. All good fun but, painful to organise; to administer; to resource; to follow-up; to go again. So as the recession loomed, BotRun hoovered up all the nuts and hibernated.

Roll forward to a world where LinkedIn has become the world’s largest professional network with 225 million users, growing at a rate of two new members per second. Just remember where you heard it first.

So what currency does Brand on the Run® have now and what value can it add in a world where one Tweet can go places a paper invitation could never dare?

BotR is not the world’s largest professional network. It may never be. With hindsight, however, it turns out to have been illuminatory. Revelatory. Prognostic even. Those characteristics haven’t changed. Nor has the beer.

Beer is universal, and a satisfying, refreshing, constant in a world of change. Beer talks. It enables you to listen to and nod your head at anything. Become attractive to the opposite sex. Forget. Bend the laws of time and physics. Become interesting and humorous. Pick fights you can’t win. Have no food before. Make bad food choices after. Cry. Remove clothing. The conversation is always meaningful.

Markets have changed much as we predicted they would. They continue to do so. Brand on the Run® remains a place where B2B marketing truths are told. An easy to find central venue where everyone knows your name (eventually). Somewhere convenient to swing by, share and listen. A forum to speak freely, to benchmark, to sense-check. A place where, mercifully, the clothes stay on. Somewhere to forget the troubles of the day and, on occasion, the last train and the day itself.

Brand on the Run® has something for everyone. With beer.

Brand on the Run® is about business. Regular once-a-month simplicity. No formality. No frills, just spills. It’s us. It’s you.

See you there.