Brand on the Run – Review.

When I got the email invite for Brand on the Run®, part of me hoped that Scot and his team had set up some kind of ‘Brands Anonymous’ self-help group.

We could go and openly cry into our pints about the problems we face day to day living life in the world of B2B marketing.

“Why did no one Retweet me?”

“My boss doesn’t understand the concept of social syndication”

Woe is me, “first world problems”.

Admittedly, this was a sort of flight of fantasy, which quickly dispelled when the image on the event invite loaded. I was presented with a picture of Peter Hince, former head road manager for Queen, “the greatest rock band of the 20th century”. What kind of B2B marketing event is this?

There’s one thing that I think we can all agree on, Scot knows his shit and when you get the pleasure of an invite, regardless of what it is, you really need to clear your diary and get yourself along. (It’s also probably a good idea to book at least the next morning off work).

So, it’s the first Wednesday of the month, the day of Brand on the Run® had arrived. After many failed attempts to leave the office early, I finally got myself to the Square Pig in Holborn. I was greeted by the familiar happy faces of some of the crew, a beer magically appeared in my hand and my world was at peace. Alright, so what’s this night all about?

As I looked around the room I noticed some familiar faces and some not so familiar. (Then there was that one face I thought was familiar but wasn’t, which resulted in a socially awkward moment I’m still trying to forget). There were tables full of booze and food and one man in the corner who looked an awful lot like the guy from the invite. SHIT! That’s Peter Hince! This guy is rock and roll roadie legend. Tonight is going to be AMAZING!

Scot broke up the assembled rabble and introduced the man of the hour. Peter spoke of his life with Queen like it was just something he did when he was younger, but in a way that you got the impression he always knew what an honour it was, even when he found himself in some far less than glamorous locations. Apparently being greeted by empty bullet shells on the runway and having to bribe your way out of ending up in jail isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but this was rock and roll! Rock and roll with what was the biggest band (and brand) in the world.

After his talk, Peter invited us to mingle and ask him any questions, but the only bloody question I could think of was “So Peter, do you agree with Brian May’s comments about newcomers turning Kensington into a “hellhole” with “obscene” building work.” Pass. Instead, I proceeded to get another beer and listen to Peter talk about the fascinating world and dangers of buying band memorabilia.

The night came to an end only when the pub lights came on and my vision was sufficiently blurry. I met some great fellow B2B marketers, chatted about everything from the importance of social  syndication to the creation of Queen’s coat of arms and enjoyed a beer or two.

Would I go again? Totally. In fact it’s already in my diary as a recurring event!


Adam Clarke

With over 8 years of marketing experience, Adam has worked for some of the biggest brands in their respective industries across B2B and B2C. He now works for a large B2B distribution company, pushing them to constantly improve and analyse their social media.