Brand on the Run II – Review.

In the second of BotR’s ‘evenings with…’ Donald Watt, former Scottish tennis No.1, held court with tales of his time on the road as Sir Elton John’s full time tennis coach.

He took a leap of faith and exchanged the ‘ordinary’ role of Operations Director at David Lloyd Tennis, for an extraordinary role as motivator and trusted inner circle member to one of pop’s biggest brand icons.

Donald’s tales of life on a road of tiaras, tantrums, larger than life personality… and personalities… were an eye opener to all. He spoke about what it takes to make a difference, whilst remaining true to yourself. Billie-Jean King gave him an early heads up – ‘Be prepared to lose your job to maintain your own credibility,’ and inspiringly, ‘Never use negative comments when you fail at something, always respond with how you can improve next time’.

Donald’s personal, and personable, alternative insights to the usual made for entertaining listening. Memories of Sir Elton’s imported Melbourne tram, converted into a full service bar, aside tennis courts overseen by a life size Tyrannosaurus Rex peering out through the trees… Random red stoplight walkabouts on the Australian highway on the way to concerts… The almost career-ending Val Kilmer doubles match… and more. The splendidly eccentric details? Well, if you weren’t there… what happens at Brand on the Run® stays at Brand on the Run®.

What both Peter and Donald were able to share from their different, but essentially similar, roles of augmenting, protecting, even strengthening their employer ‘brands’, were glimpses from behind the scenes, behind the stories, behind those brands. They were the trusted (and entrusted) people who shaped those stories and enriched those brands.

Brand on the Run® narratives help to demonstrate that, even in B2B marketing, it’s not what the audience sees that makes the difference, it’s what they don’t.

Missed the BotR date? The next in our series of intimate ‘evenings with….’ is planned for Wednesday 3rd December.

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