Son of Brand on the Run – Review.

The Kray twins. Breathing exercises to quell the inner dragon. Blind dates in LA. Finger flexing and right brain/left brain determinators.

It had to be the next instalment of the alternative mirror that is Brand on The Run® and its unique ‘tales of the unexpected’, this time with Malcolm Levene.

Offcut smuggling. Saying nice things unconditionally. Tony Blair. The quirktastic Union Club. Tom Cruise. Quality mini toad in the holes. The Rolling Stones. Fabulous company. Anthony (Psycho) Perkins. Beer.

Malcolm’s journey has taken him from 60s Brick Lane, to 80s Saville Row, to 90s Hollywood, back to a recessional London and then (drawing on a life’s worth of experience) on to become a successful personal branding coach in the worlds of business, politics and entertainment.

Underwriting Malcolm’s tailoring tale were his 3 Ps – patience, persistence and perseverance. It being less about what you want and more about how much you want it. Success is in knowing when to twist… finding more clients by being a personal ‘branding’ coach than a personal ‘development’ coach… and when to shout… Twitter is Malcolm’s mouthpiece of choice, showcasing his credibility in building a trusted audience.

As Malcolm pointed out, your journey starts with you. Your personal brand. Businesses are defined by what they stand for and the stories they tell. So are you. It’s worthwhile asking yourself (and your business) ‘Is this the best brand story we can tell…?’

It’s not easy crossing your thumbs with a sausage in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, but it’s very Brand on the Run.

It’s a trick Malcolm brought to the table. Interlock your fingers. Which thumb is on top? Right thumb over left? You’re a left brainer (logical/analytical). Left thumb over right? You’re a right brainer (creative/conceptual).

Malcolm pointed out that, as in business, only if you know your true purpose can you set real and achievable objectives. The ability to be yourself, and not follow some guideline (corporate or otherwise) is the real key to success.

Know your story. Know your purpose. Be original.