Content Filtering For B2B Brands.

How do you use content filtering to separate good B2B content from bad, quality content from noise?

It’s important to build content filtering into your B2B marketing strategy. Good content creates thought leadership, establishes your brand as a subject specialist and creates valuable opportunities for customer engagement. There. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it? So why are you so shit at it?

“As part of this month’s brand consultancy I’ve taken a look at your LinkedIn posts and I think we need to talk about your content filtering techniques. There are some content strategy issues around language that we should discuss.”

“Am I being too patronising?”


“Too complicated?”


“Too flippant?”


“Too specific?”


“Too technical?”

“Look, [sigh] do you want to keep guessing or should I just tell you…?”

“Oh, yes, yes of course, content filtering, tell me, please, I’m listening…”

“Ok. It’s about the adjectives.”



“I don’t understand.”

“Of course you don’t. You’re the CEO. You’re not expected to understand content filtering. But if you’re going to be allowed to participate on social channels you need to control the meaningless drivel and, specifically, the over the top adjectives.”

“Are you saying I shouldn’t be allowed on social channels?”

“No, I’m not saying that, but if you’re going to play with the big boys and girls, you need to learn to be, well, not shit.”



“Oh dear.”

“Don’t panic, as part of your brand marketing you just need to address your use of adjectives.”

“Like what…?”

“Like, ‘proud’.”


“Yes. You’re always broadcasting to the world how ‘proud’ you are at things other people couldn’t give a shit about.”


Right. I think I’ve got it. But, but, but… if I don’t post those brand positioning facetweetlinks, I’d have nothing to say.

“Helpfully, I have a list here of your ‘prouds’ from the last week. In the course of just five working days you were seemingly: ‘…proud to be part of the team…,’ ‘…proud to be on the meeting agenda…,’ ‘…proud to be having coffee with our client…,’ ‘…proud to be in a taxi to the airport…,’ and, my personal favourite, ‘…proud to have finished my emails for the day’.”

“And that’s a problem?”

“Well, perhaps in isolation the ‘prouds’ might be forgiven. But there are also the ‘honoureds’ to talk about.”

“The ‘honoureds’?”

“Again, from the last week: ‘…honoured to be invited to doughnut day at the office…,’ ‘thoroughly honoured to unblock the coffee machine…,’ ‘deeply honoured to see Steve in the car park…,’ and the double dip, ‘honoured and proud to submit my slide deck to the team.’”

“Right. But I don’t see a problem here.”

“Do you see a problem with the ‘exciteds’?”

“The ‘exciteds’…?”

“‘…excited to see the receptionist…,’ ‘…excited to be on a train…,’ ‘…excited to be on an ABM conference call.’”

“Did I say that?”

“Yes, yes you did.”

“And it’s a problem?”



“Because no one gives a shit.”

“I think that’s a little strong.”

“And I think you’re a vacuous idiot, but it’s not about what I think, and, I know this may be a stretch for both you and your ego, but it’s not about what you think either.”

“Gah. I don’t know how you can possibly say that.”

“Well, has anyone ever responded on LinkedIn to your ‘proud’ moments?”

“Yes, you did. You called me a complete twat.”

“Apart from me?”


“How about the ‘honoureds’?”

“Eh, no.”



“Know why that is?”

“Emmmm… is it because no one gives a shit…?”

“Yes, exactly. Because no one gives a shit. Aaannnnndd…?”

“And, eh… because I’m a complete twat?”

“Yes, very good. Because you’re a complete twat and no one gives a shit.”

“Right. I think I’ve got it. But, but, but… if I don’t post those brand positioning facetweetlinks, I’d have nothing to say.”

“Mmm. Ain’t that the truth.”

“I mean, I’d have nothing. Not a damn thing worth saying.”

“And if everyone came to the same realisation, social B2B marketing strategy would be a little more meaningful.”

“Wow. This content filtering thing has been a real breakthrough. Thanks for the insight.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I’m so proud.”

“Great. Where do I send the invoice?”

“I’m so, so proud. And excited! It’s been an honour. I can’t wait to twitfacelink this!”

“Oh for fuck’s sake…”


Scot McKee