B2B Keynote – Online Influencer Conference.

I was kind of expecting a bunch of online influencer, leek wielding, daffodil crunching, Welsh crazies.

I thought a Welsh online influencer might be wearing green and red war paint, threatening to torch the cottages and force everyone to, ‘Oggie’. Whatever that is.

It’s a slightly extreme view of a conference crowd, I admit, but when you’re invited to present a B2B Marketing Keynote at the Online Influencer Conference in Cardiff, anything can happen.

“Sounds interesting…” I said to Craig The Fixer. “What do you want me to talk about?”

“Well, you’re The Legend, talk about whatever perspective of brand marketing you like,” he replied. Craig had seen my tweets about B2B branding when I was in Wales a couple of weeks earlier and surmised that I should be invited back to, “God’s own country” for an official state visit.

So I made the pilgrimage to Wales, I addressed the gathered throng and I talked about 4 things:

1.) Learn to Accept Change

2.) Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

3.) Build Social Confidence

4.) Be Creative With Content Strategy

Disappointingly, no one was wearing green and red war paint, but there was clapping, some cheering and a number of people threw their hats in the air. I was even asked to kiss a pet iguana, at an Online Influencer Conference. I declined. Because you can never be too careful in Wales.

Scot McKee